Payroll Tax Services:

Managing federal, state and local employee-related regulations can be a time-consuming and potentially costly challenge. First Class takes this responsibility off your hands with solutions that manage a range of payroll and HR requirements. The value in this program is in the minimization of risk and in reducing the probability of fines and penalties. First Class is in association with nation wide providers that manage small to large accounts with ease.

HOME-BASED BUSINESSES (1-4 EMPLOYEES):  Calculations can be a nightmare when trying to figure out current payroll tax changes. First Class can get your check delivered on time at any address on a weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or on-demand basis.

SMALL FIRMS (5-15 EMPLOYEES):  For small firms it far more efficient to have someone else print payroll checks and not worry about mistakes and having to re-issue checks. This program has many options please call us to review benefits available.

MEDIUM SIZE FIRMS (16 – 49 EMPLOYEES):  Having First Class oversee payroll, can greatly impact internal operations, provide employees with accurate pay and significantly reduce liabilities and overhead in the log run.

LARGE SIZE FIRMS (50+ EMPLOYEES):  We also oversee large accounts and with solid partnerships with Paychex and ADP we are able to provide reliable services with variable options. We find that large companies benefit greatly while having a financial firm such as First Class oversee the processing of payroll functions.